Extra Ed is a practice of speech pathologists committed to improving educational outcomes for students with speech, language and literacy difficulties. We strive to provide an ethical and honest, high quality service to students, families and schools. We use a range of research based direct instruction methods that have been proven to be most effective in enhancing learning outcomes for students.

Why should I use a speech pathologist when my child is having difficulties at school?

The research indicates that the vast majority of students having difficulties with reading, spelling and writing have an underlying problem with certain aspects of speech sound or language processing. This is also true of students with a diagnosis of dyslexia. Sometimes these underlying problems are obvious to anyone who speaks to the child, but in many cases they are not. Speech pathologists are trained to address difficulties in these critical areas.

Why use an Extra Ed Speech Pathologist?

  • We are a very experienced team, committed to quality and improved outcomes for our students.
  • We offer an individually tailored approach .
  • We don't just assess; we also treat the problem.
  • Our knowledge and practice is aligned with current research into speech, language & learning difficulties.
  • We are all Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists registered with Speech Pathology Australia.